Quick Tip: Adaptive Inline Block Elements

Get divs and other block elements to adapt to their content’s size and troubleshoot an annoying issue

Quick Tip: Save Time with box-sizing: border-box

Which web designer has not encountered this dreadful issue? The project gets grows in size and one loses track of all the paddings, margins borders, and cross-dependencies of all kinds of elements. Especially when it comes to pixel-perfect design one quickly gets into trouble.

A simple CSS statement promises relief: *{box-sizing:border-box}! Oh, how I wished that I knew this from the very beginning.

Quick Tip: Let Elements Cover Percentage of the Screen

Did you ever wish you could make elements as wide as 75% of the user’s screen width? More concisely, actually the viewport width? Now, this is a dream come true then.

Quick Tip: Optimize Your print.css with Print Emulation

Make your website more print friendly in under 10 minutes with these tips! We will take a look at how to utilize the browser’s developer tools to identify printability issues.