WordPress: Troubleshoot Moving Issues

The bare minimum

You have to change the root path of your website in your database. If you can’t do it in the WordPress backend, change it directly in the database, the strings are located in the wp-options table. Do not neglect the http:// prefix.

Secondly, change root variables in your theme. I handcrafted my theme so I had to change a root variable in several JS and PHP files.


  1. Rename your theme and plugins folders.
  2. Add define('WP_debug', true); to your wp-config.php
  3. Go to <your domain>/wp-admin and fix the issues.
  4. If necessary deactivate plugins one by one.
  5. If everything works rename theme and plugins to their original names.
  6. If this didnt help, reupload all files and choose overwrite all.
  7. Check file permissions, for file upload 755 might be required.

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