My Simple Screenshot Tool

At the desire of a friend I created this little screenshot app with a number of benefits. Among them is the ease of use and the ability to take a series of multiple screenshots with a specified delay in between.

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A Convenient Game Launcher for Linux

Gaming on Linux? Ever wanted to get rid of all the clutter and want one unified, easily extensible and customizable, yet ultra-lightweight launcher for your games, that does all the abstraction for you? Forget about your Wine prefixes or PlayOnLinux drives, Steam versions, nVidia Optimus and Bumblebee and all the troubles related to them…

Pacman: Reinstall All Script

Here comes a simple solution to all kinds of annoying problems: reinstall all packages that you installed with pacman. Repair your Arch Linux, Manjaro, Antergos and more now!

THIT: Verteilungen und ihre Momente

Meine handschriftlichen Notizen zu wichtigen (bezogen auf Vorlesung “Theoretische Informationstechnik 1”) Verteilungen mit Dichte, Verteilungsfunktion, Erwartungswert und Varianz.

Diskrete Zufallsvariablen:

  • Diskrete Gleichverteilung $U(a,b)$
  • Bernoulli-Verteilung und Binomialverteilung $B(p)$,$Bin(n,p)$
  • Geometrische Verteilung $Geo(p)$
  • Poisson-Verteilung $Poi(\lambda)$

Absolut-stetige Zufallsvariablen:

  • (n-dimensionale) Normalverteilung $N_n(\vec{\mu},\vec{C})$
  • Log-Normalverteilung $LN(\mu, \sigma^2)$
  • Rechteckverteilung / Gleichverteilung $R(a,b)$
  • Exponentialverteilung $Exp(\lambda)$
  • Gammaverteilung $\Gamma(\alpha, \lambda)$
  • Rayleigh-Verteilung $Ray(\sigma^2)$
  • Nakagami-m-Verteilung $Nak(m, \alpha)$

Quick Tip: Adaptive Inline Block Elements

Get divs and other block elements to adapt to their content’s size and troubleshoot an annoying issue

Quick Tip: Save Time with box-sizing: border-box

Which web designer has not encountered this dreadful issue? The project gets grows in size and one loses track of all the paddings, margins borders, and cross-dependencies of all kinds of elements. Especially when it comes to pixel-perfect design one quickly gets into trouble.

A simple CSS statement promises relief: *{box-sizing:border-box}! Oh, how I wished that I knew this from the very beginning.

Quick Tip: Let Elements Cover Percentage of the Screen

Did you ever wish you could make elements as wide as 75% of the user’s screen width? More concisely, actually the viewport width? Now, this is a dream come true then.

WordPress: Troubleshoot Moving Issues

If you want to move a Wordpress installation to another server you have to change a few strings here and there to make it work. In fact, I followed these exact steps to make this site work.

Quick Tip: Optimize Your print.css with Print Emulation

Make your website more print friendly in under 10 minutes with these tips! We will take a look at how to utilize the browser’s developer tools to identify printability issues.